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Posted on: February 21, 2011

Rapper Nicki Minaj shakes up the rap industry with her outlandish costume art and provocative lyrics.

OK, it’s getting bananas out here, folks. How did it all start?

Jealousy of course, Nicki Minaj had just ended a nasty RBB with Trina, Khia, and Jacki-O- notable female mc’s back in the early 2000s- and was climbing the charts and creating a legitimate industry buzz. Back then the beef was who had a signed contract, which Trina is signed to Slip-N-Slide Records, Jackie-O cut an album deal that lost steam, Khia that ‘my neck, my back ho,’ and unsigned Minaj was just starting her grind- with hot tracks mind you.

Now, it seems iconic RBB legends Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown are picking up where they left off in the late 90s with a new addition- Minaj.

Minaj, fan or not, has proven her monetary worth to the rap industry and is threatening to cross over. She is publicly criticizing the misogynistic industry and encouraging other women to break in and take power.

So, it is no wonder the first sex symbols of hip-hop would take offense. They have historically been given credit for opening doors with their presence and capitalizing on sex appeal for the bigger dollars- successfully squeezing out legitimate female mc’s like MC Lyte and changing the direction and image for new comers like Khia, Trina, and Jackie-O.

90s legendary rap icons Foxy Brown and Lil Kim.

Without oversight and control the industry quickly became saturated with oversexed wannabe mc’s. This not only divided the focus on women in hip-hop but successfully ended Kim and Brown’s careers- as they had become obsolete next to younger even sexier women.

Now, Minaj threatens to steal the spot light with lyrical talent- her commercial image is a new invention- with the obvious blend of sex appeal. She successfully battled through her generation of mc’s, surpassed her own legends, and threatens to empower women- something no oversexed female mc has done- while making millions and collaborating with generation favorites like Katy Perry and Drake. And, she is inspiring a movement through her public activism.

Rapper Lil Kim lyrically accuses Minaj of stealing her oversexed style and collaborating with artists she worked with in the past.

With all Minaj has accomplished, it is no wonder rap’s oversexed legends- obsolete blueprints of the 90s- are attacking her and each other. One last attempt at fame, one last chance to prove they are the greatest, though it is futile and redundant at this point…

Here’s the latest additions to the RBB track list by Foxy Brown Christmas Massacre and Lil Kim’s newly released diss track Pissin’ on ‘Em.

3 Responses to "Rap Bitch Beef- NICKI MINAJ v. LIL’ KIM v. FOXY BROWN?!"

Puuuuuhhhhlllleeeeaaaassseee. lil kim just mad cuz nicki minaj can work that style several times better.

without noooo doubt minaj is all class by herself and we all know that
only she can make a simple pose look damn SSexxy…

Always been down for Foxy Brown, LiL KiM, heLL, even Da Brat wud out shine Lil MinaJ 4 sho…

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